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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Great Gatsby Inspiration

Great Gatsby Inspired Photo Shoot.
With Model: Hayley Ferguson. 
East London.

Firstly; Many Congratulations to Kate and William on the birth of their baby boy (name not known yet), soon to be King of Great Britain. Update: I've just learned that they've now named the Royal Baby. HRH Prince George Alexander Louis. May the Lord richly bless him in every way.

It's been a while since I last posted and a few of my friends have been wondering what's happened, be reassured, I've not been idle, my cameras are constantly at the ready and frequently firing away. Two reason for not posting as regularly; I've been working behind the scenes on artworks that have taken some time and secondly I've not been that well, (trapped nerves in my back, pain and seizures when walking or standing too long, but it's getting better slowly). There is also the fact that my main work takes up most of my time, which is always a real joy and commitment. So my photography has had to take a back seat for a while.

One good thing about that, is that even whilst I'm not busy taking shots or going on shoots, is that my creative juices still keep flowing and I'm never without an inspiration for future projects to aim for and work towards. You can't quench the photographer's eye in me, even without a camera I'm invariably making notes, both mental and physical of what inspires me. Keeping them ready for those rainy days and envisioning experiments.

Future Project: One of those on the back burner at the moment is:  the British Army during the Napoleonic war period. I want to get hold of uniform, swords, muskets, drums, rifles, flags, backdrops and props... I love watching Sharpe and like the into sequences... Mental Note turned into a physical one now... :-) If anybody knows about reenactment from this period or where I can get hold of props, please let me know...

Gatsby Shoot: Here are a few that I've been going over from a recent Great Gatsby Inspired photoshoot in London. Once again I must say the model, team and time was so precious. I'm still on the steep side of the Studio Photography learning curve, but growing with every opportunity and juncture.
Thanks: We couldn't have gotten this look without the help, resourcefulness and patience of  +Richard j a Dawson +Carl Goodwin +john bellingham What a great day it was. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work too guys, and I'll definitely be posting these on the site.

If you are interested you can get a print / framed etc by clicking here.

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If you enjoy these works and words, please feel free to tweet, FB and G+, one of my goals is to inspire creativity in others too. If you'd like to know how we got these shots, then come back again soon, I'll be posting the lighting set ups, props and behind-the-scenes stuff.
Have fun and be ready always for those moments of creative genius, they sometimes come in flashes, but capture them in your mind and they'll be with you forever, capture them in print, film or paint and the world can enjoy them too. (That's just flowed from my mind)....

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Street Photography Colour

Redbubble Meetup:

Here are some colour shots from the recent RedBubble Friends meet, I'll be showing B&W versions on a separate post. Don't forget, you can see all these pics much bigger if you click on any one and browse through the whole lot. You might be interested to read the experiences of the trip below as well. We had a great time and learned a lot from one another. Many thanks to my RedBubble Friends; Tony and Lana (please check out their works by clicking on their names. You'll love it!

If you don't like photography, you may like just watching Ralph McTell singing his awesome song, "The Streets of London" below. I love reviewing this page and listening to the song as I re-read. 

A photography trip to London with friends from Redbubble.

Last Saturday I met up with some good friends that I met through RedBubble. We've been friends there for a few years, sharing photos and experiences etc. So felt it was OK to meet with them. I'd be very careful about who you meet-up with through websites though, a word of advice, never meet someone alone. There were only four of us and it was a public meeting. We were all different (sounds cliché) but so very true. Three men and one woman. Sounds like a kids story doesn't it... One good thing was that we all had the same make of camera with us; Nikon. I also had my trusty new Fujifilm Finepix HS50exr and was soooo glad that I took it along. (You can check my Hands on Review Here) It's amazing the differences between it and my Nikon D700 for street photography. Next time we do it, I think I'd take only my Fuji with me. Needless to say, I was carrying too much and this did hamper my freedom of movement. You learn from experience.

Malcolm, Lana and Tony. I'm taking the pic:-)
At Liverpool Street Station. McDonalds' Coffee.
We arranged to meet at Liverpool Street Station in London. It was quite funny, Tony got a call from Lana asking our whereabouts, she was on the phone and standing right in front of us, but couldn't see us. Tony said, "are you standing in front of McDonalds'?" she said, "Yes!" He said, "Are you  with a man with a big camera around his neck?" "She said, "Yes!" He said, "Have you got a great big Nikon around your neck?" She said "Yes!" and at that moment she spotted us. We did have a great big LOL then. Lana originates from Russia, Tony from London and Malcolm from Ipswich and me from Edinburgh.

Liverpool Street Station Entrance. Malcolm.

Liverpool Street Station at McDonalds'

Statue outside Liverpool Street Station. 

Liverpool Street Station

Fruit Seller, Liverpool Street Station.
After a coffee at McDonald's and a brief intro and chat we decided that Camden Market would be a great place to visit. So we hopped on a Tube Train (various changes) and made our way. It soon became apparent to everyone that even though I live in London, we rarely use the Tube, so we had to resort to asking directions and looking at tube-maps. iPhone came in handy for this. Made me wish I'd brought my iPad along with Photographers Ephemeris and Google Maps.

The Tube Journey Pics:

I took quite a few snaps on the Tube and platforms.
One thing about being with other photographers is that you get a boldness to take shots you wouldn't normally both with or be brave enough to attempt whilst on your own. A great reason to meet-up with others.

Marie Antionette by Donald Davis on
Marie Antionette by Donald Davis

People don't normally chat to one another on the trains, probably because nobody want to appear mad, but we all had a great laugh and chatted freely, sometimes to complete strangers too. You've got to be bold when photographing on the tube train, no point in being half hearted, just go for it. I've found that as I take photos within a short space of time I became less concerned about what people may be thinking about me taking photos and more able to concentrate on what I was capturing. However, there is a battle of nerves each and every time with street or public photography to contend with. Should I shouldn't I? These questions assail your head, but on a trip like this for a few hours in good company and taking some risks, you'll notice your confidence increasing moment by moment. Until someone says "NO! Don't take my picture" then you have to start all over again. Or as in my case, take the shot and thank them anyway. Telling people how good they look always seems to work for me.

More Shots from the Tube Ride to Camden Market.

I was intrigued with the two women sitting next to me. The older lady was quite articulated with her hands which were full of rings and jewellery.

Camden Market

Camden Market is still definitely the HUB of the Alternative Scene. Whatever is weird is normal in Camden. Once the place for Hippies, then Punks now Goths and a mix of all three and every shade in between. You'll love Camden Market and the Lock with it's Bars, Food Stalls and Open air alternatives.

As we approached Camden, the Tube Train began to fill up considerable until we were all crammed in like Sardines in a Tin. I knew the Market would be packed with people, it always is on a Saturday.
I was still using my Fujifilm Finepix HS50exr. And was soon to discover the delights of the swivel screen and 1000mm Zoom reach in the crowded market.
Fantastic for distance candid shots (enabling me to be unobtrusive), but I also liked the in your face ability too.

As we progressed down Camden High Street; two things seemed to be jumping out at me to capture today; Street signs and hair styles. It's such a delight the diversity in London; so many different forms of dress, style, look, apparell, take a look and you'll soon discover there is NO single fashion style that you've got to have to fit in here in London.

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