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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Key Features of Fujifilm Finepix HS50 Camera

The Fujifilm Finepix HS50 EXR Review: 

Key Camera Features. 

by Don Davis Photography.
May 2013.
About this Review: I'm not a technical expert, but a photographer and I'll be relating my experience of this camera from that perspective. Experience, I've been a enthusiast photographer since 1982 when I first purchased an SLR camera and developed my negatives and exposed them in a makeshift darkroom at home. All that has moved on since the invention of the Digital Camera and now I'm developing in Lightroom, instead of a Darkroom, tweaking in Photoshop instead of dodging and burning.

Fujifilm Finepic HS50 EXR... The amazing features on the Fujifilm Finepix HS50 EXR will blow you away, because there are just so many amazing things you can do with this brilliant little camera from Fuji. I'm discovering more all the time and will share them here with you here. Let me just say at the outset I'm really impressed with some awesome features, but also disappointed in some respects with the quality of images captured.  

16 megapixels: First it's a massive 16 megapixel optical zoom camera. You only really need about 6 megapixels for a great image, so with all those extra MPs you can crop away to your heart's content. For more detailed information about the sensor and the science behind it click here (Fuji EXR CMOS SENSOR). However  do the claims of the science and spiel deliver in the real world of everyday photography? 

42x Zoom. Equivalent to 24mm to 1000mm. WOW!
All-in-one-lens with no electronic interpretation, and you can also get some more electronic zoom as well.  That's truly amazing. Imagine a 1000mm lens on a Nikon or Canon camera, they'd weigh a ton and cost the earth, but it's right here on this tiny camera from Fuji.... Does the Lens on the HS50 EXR deliver? You can be the judge of that when you check out the pics here to see just how much it zooms...
I've been amazed at how quickly this camera focuses at the 1000mm setting, it's near instant every time, even in quite low light. 

3" inch LCD (Vari-Angled). You can swivel and twist and use it to view the scene over the heads of the crowd or down low in the ground without getting muddy. Brilliant. It's also adjustable brightness so you can see the screen in the brightest sunlight. Those 920.000 dots make the pictures on the LCD amazing too. Now you can get the images from weird angles without getting yourself in a knot to do so. 

ISO Range: 100-12,800. As you'll see in my test shots, there is an incredible amount of noise from the tiny sensor in this camera, and it begins as low as ISO 400, but that's OK, because at least you'll never miss a shot. Noise adds character. However, in my tests, this camera doesn't live up to it's claims. The software producing the images in the camera has a strange way of smudging. So, in theory, you could use this camera almost in the dark and still see an image, but don't expect the same quality as you can get from a DSLR (My old Nikon D40x from 2006,  produced seven years ago, and Nikon D700 from 2008, five years old now, are even better in low light than this Fuji Bridge Camera.) However you'll also see that for normal outdoor shooting at ISO 100-200 the image quality is stunning.

So the useful ISO range for quality, noise free shots is only ISO 100-200, from there you'll get noise and lots of it or strange smudges if you use the EXR software. 

Movies: You can record stunning Full HD Movies at 1080p @60fps Frames Per Second.  There are other movie modes, I really liked the fast frame mode, which when viewed back produces a slow motion movie. The grandchildren loved watching themselves dancing in slow motion.

MovieGrandchildren Playing.

360 Sweep Panorama: With an intelligent and brilliant sweep panoramic setting amazing vistas are sure to be captured. 

Q Button: (Quick Selector Menu) With this button and the selector wheel you can quickly set almost any parameter on the camera for the mode you are in. This is one of the features I really like.

SP1 and SP2 Settings: (Even my Nikon D700 can't do this.) It remembers the setting for say Landscapes or Portraits and with one quick twist of the mode selector you are all set up for your favourite in a moment. Best of all, the camera remembers what you've set even when you turn it off or take the battery out. 

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