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Friday, 17 May 2013

Blue, Blue Cornflowers:

The magical magic of the Blue, Blue Cornflower.

I'll never forget the first time that I saw a cornflower in a wild field in Scotland. It's an amazing little plant, that I first thought was a thistle without spikes. They are of course a lot bluer than thistles. I love thistles too of course...

In years gone by you could see whole fields of cornflowers where they used to grow, like poppies do today, amongst the harvest. Now, because of all the fuss about yields etc, farmers have almost eradicated the native British wild cornflowers. However, in some places they still do manage to survive. You can find them on the edges of fields of wheat, on the cliff-tops and in the gardens of those who treasure their blue beauty.

It was so wonderful when we moved into our house here in London in 2008 to discover a small clump of them in the garden, since then I've taken the seeds each year and spread them around, now my garden is full of stunning beautiful blue cornflowers.

They are so easy to grow and come back stronger every year, almost like lovable weeds. They are hardy annuals and put down roots in the autumn and they can survive the coldest of winters, they keep on producing amazing blue flowers all summer long, you can cut them back and they'll bloom again.

Wouldn't it be great if we could see fields in the countryside full of these magical blue, blue beauties?

Cornflower Capture: These images were captured on a bright cloudy morning, just perfect for flowers, because the sky acts like a massive softbox.

TIP: If there is no cloud cover you can produce your own softbox with a see through reflector or a large piece of white paper.

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