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Monday, 25 March 2013

Dolphin and Lady Fountain; Tower Bridge.

The Dolphin Fountain: Tower Bridge, London.

I'm sorry, someone had just pointed out that I should tell you, that by clicking the images on this page, you can see them super-lard and they'll fill your screen. Hope you enjoy the bigger picture.

It's great to visit the centre of London at night. I parked in Queen Elizabeth Street, which is only a 3 minute walk from Tower Bridge and the parking is free. There was a little drizzly rain, but nothing to worry about. After walking over the bridge, I set up my tripod and proceeded to take some shots. I've heard that the security guards in the hotel next to the fountain can be a bit officious, but I don't they they wanted to get wet as I didn't see any. There were a few other people about taking shots, so I had to wait until they'd finished.

I've been to this fountain on a few occasions, but never at night. I was saddned by the fact that the fountain was turned off, but not daunted. After analysing the scene, wanting to incorporate the Shard in the background and get some reflections in the pool, I took a few shots from various angles (see below) Sometimes, it's not until you get home and look at them on the big screen that you know what you've captured. However, I had the blinkies turned on on the back screen of my Nikon D700 and could see that some of the highlights were blown out, so I adjusted the exposure compensation to -.7 stop, then again to -1. Perfect. I knew I could combine several exposures in Photomaitx later, but wanted to get it right in camera anyway.

Here is the final shot that I was quite please with that night. (See some of the images that I also took below).

How I got this shot: 

It's a HDR image made up of three exposures of one image set in Lightroom. After cleaning up the image, removing a few dust spots etc, I adjusted the exposure settings and exported to Photomatix Pro. I don't like too heavy HDR and all the weird halos that can be produced, so after tinkering around with the settings, I got something that I liked and saved the image as a TIFF file. Then opened it in Photoshop and adjusted the Levels to bring back some punch. HDR can often leave an image a little flat. Then I adjusted the Noise with a filter in PS5, Sharpend with a high pass filtre and overlay mode. Then finally played around with saturation in Lightroom again.

Dolphin and Lady Fountain at Tower Bridge, London, UK.
Camera Nikon D700 with 16-35mm Nikon Lens. ISO100, 30sec exposure, 16mm, f/22.0.

More Shots of the Dolphin and Lady Fountain at Tower Bridge.

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