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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Review: Zoner Photo Studio 15

Review of Zoner Photo Studio Pro 15.

Update: Aug 2013. Can't believe that this review is top of the Google search list. Why???? Because Zoner Studio is just soooo awesome. Check it out for yourselves with the FREE download. You're going to just LOVE it.

Personally, I've gotten so used to Lightroom, it's hard to change now, but I do like the way that Zoner Studio is progressing.

Firstly check out my old review way back in 2011.
Zoner Studio 13 Pro Edition.
If you are in any way serious about photography, you'll want to check out this amazing software, it's getting better with every release and is coming close to beating the Big Brand Names: Lightroom and Photoshop, because it does everything they can do at a fraction of the price and sometimes faster too.

What is Zoner Photo Studio?

It's everything a photographer would need or dream of in one place at a great price. The variety of features is astounding: Organise Photos in Manager. Edit in the built in editor, which has so many more features that Adobe Lightroom or any other photo organisation software. The import dialogues and functions are wonderful and easy to use. There are built in effects and special features too.

We all know that keeping photos backed up and safe is crucial to any serious photographer. Zoner Studio keeps all your original files safe automatically.

Check out what's NEW at the Zoner Photo Studio Web Site.

You can Download from your camera or computer, organise, edit, create and publish all from one place. Awesome!

What I like? 

It's a fantastically smooth piece of software, that so easy and intuitive to use. Photographers will be up and running in no time at all.

Quick Filters Effects:

You can get a FREE basic version and it's FREE forever. How awesome is that? What I know is that once you begin using it, you'll be hooked as I was and you'll want to purchase the full version. 

Also the Pro version is only $69.99 or $70.00 really. But it's a fantastic price for such a sophisticated piece of software.

Designed for Photographers.
Works they way a photographer thinks.
Does Everything (Almost)...

What's New: Zoner Photo Studio 15?

Updated back-up features: Safe Secure Forever.
New Filters and Effects Quick Bar.
Online and Offline Editing.
Amazing Tilt and Shift Lense Features. You don't need any special lenses now:-)

Zoner Photo Studio 15 Pro Video Tutorials

Don's Conclusion:

I've used many different photo organisation software progs and this is by far the best. I'm addicted to Adobe Lightroom, but I'm slowly switching most of my work to Zoner Photo Studio 15 Pro. I love it. 
I also like that you can edit like a pro in one easy all in one piece of kit. 
There are some things that I'll still need PS5 and Lightroom for, but it's getting very close to switching completely. 

keep up the great work, you guys at Zoner Studio...

Removing White Backgrounds: 

Here's a little instruction Video they've put together to remove a white background. It's so easy and intuitive to use.

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