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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lime and Lemon: One a Day 2013

Lime and Lemon Still Life

Whenever, I've got the bug to capture something, I need to get creative. My favourite subjects are portraiture and landscape, but sometimes I want to try my hand at other things too. Here's a little set up I put together with some of the elements that go towards making an amazingly refreshing drink; A TOM Collins. It's Gin and Lemon / Lime. If had my first Tom Collins in Gibraltar in 1977 whilst visiting on HMS Ark Royal, it was served with a sugar coated glass and a slice of lemon. Yummy.... in a hot climate it really quenches your thirst, but don't have too many or you'll be hick, hick, hick.... LOL. The Royal Navy is famous for it's Pink Gin and Lemons and Limes. Sailors were called Limeys by Austrailians, due to the fact that they always had Lemons and Limes to prevent scurvy.

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