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Friday, 8 February 2013

Dawn Light London: One a Day 2013

Dawn Light London: Surrey Quays.

On my way to a photo-shoot, I arrived early in the morning and marvelled at the light. This was captured on a Canon S90 point-n-shoot in my pocket. I was a bit cold to get my camera out of the bag:-) 

It was so peaceful walking here with just a few people out jogging at that time of the day and of course the ducks and seagulls playing in the water. I think they expected me to give them some bread as they all scooted over towards me:-) Next time little birds...

But I love the quality of light in the UK on a cold winter morning.
I was drawn to the row of houses along the bank and the reflections in the water. I also like the way Canary Wharf seems huddled in the corner. Surrey Quays is a marvellous location and I must get back again soon. 
Dawn Light Surrey Quays, London.

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