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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Burrator Dawn

Burrator Dawn

Imagine my joy when I arrived at Burrator Reservoir in the dark one early morning and parked up the car, then carefully tiptoed through the dense woodlands surrounding the water to be greeted by this scene on breaking through. It was difficult making my way through those densely planted trees, but it was certainly well worth the effort as this scene took my breath away. My heart skipped a beat as I spotted some little deer in the distance on the right at the edge of the woodlands, enjoying the warmth of that October morning sunshine. What was magical to me was the way the light was dancing on the water and making great reflections off the trees and clouds. Burrator is very quiet and peaceful at this time of the day and I didn't see another person until I was leaving about two hours after taking this shot.

The more I think about that morning I realise that God's presence was evident as joy, peace and a sense of purpose in life prevailed for many days afterwards. Sometimes through his creation we become aware of God's amazing love for us and his desire that we should enjoy life in all it's fullness. Another reason I make a special pilgrimage to Dartmoor in Devon every time I'm in the South West of England, is that I want to experience once again God's presence, I don't know why, but it happens every time.

It would be difficult to stand where I was standing to take this shot, because the reservoir is full once again. This may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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