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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Barbican Dawn: One a Day 2013

Barbican Dawn

Plymouth Barbican in the early morning is a magical place to be. What I love is the atmosphere and sense of expectation. You'll see fisherman returning from their early morning runs and Captain Jasper firing up his Baked Potato stall on the harbour sea front. All around the alleyways and back-streets, shopkeepers are getting ready for the tourists and visitors. Other folks, like me, are just enjoying the slowly warming sunshine of the dawn in this most picturesque location.

For anyone interested in the morning light, you'll love the way it softly brings out the shapes and forms and you can still see into the shadows because it's not too harsh. Ahh yes and it's refreshing to the soul too. Plymouth Barbican is a must visit location if you are ever down the South West of England. There's so much history here too; the Pilgrim Fathers left from here to visit the New World and just up the road on Plymouth's famous Hoe where Sir Francis Drake played bowls before engaging the Spanish Armada. This place just oozes historical atmosphere. Some of the buildings in this scene have been around for over 500 years.

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