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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Punks in London: One a Day 2013.

Punks in London: One a Day 2013.

This is an image I captured whilst on a trip to London with my son when he first moved up to the City. I took my camera to get some shots of him in the famous locations. To the embarrassment of my son, .bBut being a Photog, I was seeing things and visualising all the time. Then when I saw a group of Punk Rockers right across from Big Ben, I couldn't resist the photo-opportunity. So I approached and asked if they'd pose in front of Big Ben for me. They asked for some money first, but we got laughing and joking and then they started posing around in Typically anti-establishment poses. LOL

Some people look at Punk Rockers and make an immediate judgement of them. But I have to say, they were NOT rude at all, they were lovely people, thoughtful and well informed about the problems in society. They had something to say, if only those in authority would just sit down and listen to them. I'm sure we'd have far less radicalism in the UK today. However, they did dress differently from most folks, they stood out from the crowd, they thought they were original or one of a kind. Believe me they are, we are all different and we all have different needs, likes and dislikes and we all need to be heard. Listen to the ones that society deems less deserving of a voice. Listen, because the Good Lord had the wisdom to give us two ears and one mouth. That means we should listen twice as much as we talk. Just sayin:-) LOL

Here they are: Punks in London

BTW: I paid them for this commission; £1,25. All the money I had on me. LOL.

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