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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Morning Walkies Streatham Common

Morning Walkies Streatham Common
When the light is this good, you've just got to get out and soak it up.

A morning walk on Streatham Common in South London.
Camera Nikon D700 with 28-300mm Nikon Lense.

When I first moved to London I thought I'd really miss the delights of Devon, and I do, but there are so many wonderful parks and places that nature has been allowed to do her own thing here. Getting out and about early is wonderful, there is such a peace in the City in the mornings and people are always friendly, especially those that are walking their dogs.

Bruno, my daughter's Staffordshire Bull Terrier, accompanied me today. The light was fantastic and the trees looked stunning. Make me feel good to be alive when it's like this. 

Free Parking: Streatham Common.
 The Rookery
The Rookery is a very attractive, formally landscaped area with an ornamental ponds, flower and herbaceous beds, a well and a rock garden with streams. It has a café and is surrounded by Streatham Common.
The Rookery: Streatham Common.

The Rookery: Streatham Common.

The Rookery: Streatham Common.

 Cherry Tree by the Bowling Green:
It's great to see some traditions are maintained in London and the Bowling Green is just on of the amazing places kept spic-n-span on Streatham Common.
Cherry Tree: Streatham Common.

Sunlit Glade: Streatham Common.

The Old Lodge House: Streatham Common.

Magnolia Tree: Streatham Common.

The Rookery: Well and Tulips. Streatham Common.

The Rookery: Pond.

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