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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Thames Tower Bridge Walk

4th February 2012. Thames Tower Bridge Walk.
Once again I got up early to go out for a stroll across Tower Bridge and along the banks of the River Thames. On this morning I was not after a sunrise or twinkling lights, but the warm Winter sunshine, but it was soooo cold; enough to freeze the barnacles of your binacle:-) LOL. With glove and hat, camera and lenses off I went. Got a parking spot very easily at that time of day and traffic was negligable. No parking charges on a Saturday either. When I arrived I looked at the temp gage in the car it read -3 deg C. Cold, but sooo bright.

Here are some of my shots of the day and below you can see some conversions I've made using Alien Skin Exposure 4 (Trial)... I kind of like how these plug-ins work.

Thames / Tower Bridge Pictures:
Click images to see them larger.

Old Style Conversions in Alien Skin Exposure 4. Click images to see them larger.

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