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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Review of Zoner Photo Studio 13 PRO Edition

Don's Review of Zoner Photo Studio 13 PRO Edition.

Firstly let me say that I found this piece of software even better than CyberLink's PhotoDirector 2011 piece of kit. Though CyberLink PhotoDirector is good, fast, reliable and cool, Zoner is even better in my humble opinion.
Check out my review of CyberLink PhotoDirector Here

So much so that I've now removed CyberLink PhotoDirector from my computer.

Watch out Adobe Lightroom: There is a NEW kid on the block. Zoner Studio Pro software is better, cheaper and faster.

Trial: You can download Zoner Photo Studio 13 Pro Edition for a Free Trial. You'll love this wonderful software and what it can do with your photos. So go ahead and download it for a free trial. Click Here for Zoner Photo Studio 13

It's designed by Photographers for Photographers: Therefore as a Photographer myself, I was intrigued to give it a go. Boy was I in for some amazing surprises. It's FAST. I've not had any glitches with it. It reads my Nikon NEFF files immediately.

Has all the adjustments you like to see in Lightroom and more.

What is Zoner Photo Studio 13?
If you are a keen Photographer or even a Pro, the likelihood is that you'll have thousands of images scattered over lots of hard drives, like me:-) And organising them can be a bit of a pain can't it? Well Zoner Studio takes all the pain out of organization and makes simple photo editing a breeze.

Here are some of the bit of blurb from the Zoner Studio Website.

Zoner Photo Studio helps you acquire, organize and browse through your photos while enhancing the pictures with a variety of additional useful information. You can also convert and edit images and apply a broad range of photo effects using the photo editor.

With Zoner Studio 13: You can shoot, edit and share in a mater of minutes.

What can you do with Zoner Studio Pro?
Zoner Photo Studio 13 gets the most power out of today’s powerful computers, with new64-bit support, better multi-core support than ever, and unique 10-bit display support. It makes web sharing easier for everyone witheasy FacebookFlickr, and Picasa uploaders. It also makes the impossible possible: multi-exposures let you remove moving objects from a scene or get incredible noise reduction, and the healing brush makes the toughest touch-ups a breeze. And all this is just the beginning...

Zoner Studio 13 Pro Website

Go on give it a go, you've got nothing to Loose.

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