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Thursday, 10 February 2011

The World's Best DSLR Camera

It seems that opinions are quite divided amongst some expert reviewers on what's the best DSLR money can buy.

Great News! The BEST Digital DSLR Camera in the World is HERE!
The Nikon D800. WOW! Exceeded Expectations.

Whilst he awaits the replacement for the Nikon D700, Ken Rockwell seems to think that the Nikon D7000 is the camera that beats all.

However, if you take a look at the more practical and indepth reviews of Camera Labs, you'll discover that the D7000, though a great camera in his mind, has a few shortcomings; namely the rather sluggish autofocus and the burst rate that can't keep up for very long. He shows a sequence of shots trying to capture a speed-boat and just when you'd want an image to be in focus and the sequence to be at it's best the camera slows to a crawl.

Camera Labs Video Camera Labs Video Part 2 Showing Continueous Shooting Mode and AF...

Will the next D700+ the replacement for the current D700 be the ultimate, world-beating DSLR?

We've had recent Canon offerings, but as yet no news on Nikon's latest DSLRs.

I'll keep waiting and watching for the news of it's release. Meanwhile check out what Ken Rockwell and Camera Labs think of the D7000, then make up your own minds.

More reviews of the D7000 here.
What Digital Camera Review

My Verdict: I really do like the D7000, I've had a trial in shop and liked the look, feel, and the familiar way that it handles.

It's a bit too expensive for what you get though. In my opinion the Canon 60d is a better buy for the money. But if you've already got Nikon Lenses then I'd go for the D7000.

What I would have liked on the D7000:
It would have really sold me if it had a true 3" Vari-angled-rear-screen.
A full-frame sensor.

Guess I'll just have to wait for the D700 upgrade. Hopefully Nikon won't keep us waiting too long.

Hassleblad is this the King of DSLR?
Unless you really need stunning quality and mega, mega, mega-pixels for large prints or street advertising hoardings, the disadvantages of getting into a medium format system should make you pause for thought. You'll need to be really rich and rolling in £££££££££££££££££££££££ thousands of them. And extra strong to carry the weight. But it may be worth it:-) LOL

But here's a youtube on Hassleblad anyways...
Is it just me or does the name give it away? Hassle Blad. It would be a real Hassle carrying one of these monsters on a day's photo shoot.
Oh I've spelt it wrong, it's Hasselblad, silly me.

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