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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Portraits of Amelia in the Woods.

This is my granddaughter Amelia. We went for a walk in Tehidy Woods in Cornwall (Not far from the Golf Course). This is one of our family favourite spots. There are lovely walks around man-made lakes which have an amazing assortment of wildlife. I tried taking some shots of swans but they didn't turn out that well (any tips on swan photography would be greatly appreciated).
The pictures of Amelia; I really liked the way the sun was sparkling in places in the woods and tried to capture this in her face. She's a delightful child and loves posing for the camera. Of course she always wants to look on the screen to see what's been captured. After visiting Tehidy we then went down to the beach for a paddle along the water's edge. Amelia ran strait into the sea with all her clothes on, we didn't have a change of clothes in the car either. She hadn't been to the seaside for ages and was just sooooo excited.

Camera: Nikon D700 with 70-200mm f/2.8 VR11 Lense.

Amelia climbing trees

Climbing again

Sitting Prety
Hope you enjoy these and you can view more pics of Amelia and my other Grandchildren here.

Don't Forget: Take a camera with you wherever you go, even if it's just a point and shoot or a mobile phone and use them every day. Practice, Practice, Practice! The more you shoot, little and often, the better a photographer you will become. And may God go with you too. Don.

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